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Welcome back Champs and Champettes! We are working on principle number six, we are putting everything together, and we are working on our timing so let's get into it!

What we're really trying to do when we're talking about timing is generate Rhythm and momentum at the same time. There's really going to be two parts that we're going to be talking about today when it comes to getting your timing and getting your Rhythm right, and it's going to have to do with sort of your weight coming back, and then your weight coming forward.

All right so let's start talking about the first step of this and it's going to have to do with your weight shift coming back, and we're going to be having our front foot forward like we talked about in principal number two. Okay, and we're going to have our heel back, our heel down on the back foot like we talked about in principle number three part two. This helps us helps us generate a lot more power on our putt because we're engaging that inner quadricep. Now when it comes to timing we're going to have this kind of one, two, three theme and we're going to have a two count really on on our weight shift backward. So we're going to sort of have a one-two, one-two and again this is just really sort of develop some Rhythm to develop a little bit of a Cadence in your head that's going to get us as confident as we can possibly be on the putting green.

Not everybody has this one-two on their on their weight shift backward. Pros that come to mind are Casey white and Matty Orum who really have just a one. A little bit of weight shift back and they pop really hard going forward, but I think for the average disc golfer this is going to be the best way to to get some Rhythm and to have some patience in your Putt, and that's why we're making it Principle number six. We think this is the best way for for the average player to hit as many 20 Footers as possible, and to three putt as little as possible. That's the main thing we're after here in this PuttConfidently Approach.

So we have our weight shift sort of figured out sort of the timing on that sort of a two count. Now let's go to the the forward motion toward the basket. That's going to be a one count. So one, two, three and that is the sort of standard timing you see with most Pros.

The most important part of your weight shift forward is popping your wrist at the exact same time you hit the brace on the ball of your foot. Now that is what we talked about in principle number three part one, and that is the tricky part. Every single good putter, whether they know they're doing it or not, is popping their wrists at the same time they're hitting the brace on the ball of their foot. That's the most important part of this video. Getting your timing right in your putt is to do that.

Let's just get some examples here, let's put some some of this into action and let's you know try and help you out that way a little bit visually. All right so we're a little bit short here of 20 ft at about 18 ft here let's talk out the timing. One, two, three. One, two, three.

Philo talks about this with ap-ple pie. He was my first pro experience, I went to a clinic with him and Greg Barsby and that was a big thing he talked about. I would highly suggest doing so going to one of those clinics if you get the chance. But app-le Pie was a little tough in my head. I personally like one, two, three and I hope it helps you guys out. We will see you next principle, we're going to have some aiming tips some aiming hacks. A couple of them are based off of principles we've already talked about and implemented so we will catch you later!

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