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What is up Champs and Champettes we are back and we are talking about painting the pole, we are talking about putting three-dimensionally, we are adding a little bit on to the first video in the PuttConfidently Approach which is three-dimensional putting, so let's get into it!

So you have to forgive me I'm new to this YouTube thing, I'm a bit of a dumb dumb most of the time, and we explained our thoughts on three-dimensional putting compared with two-dimensional putting in the first PuttConfidently Approach video but I sort of forgot to give my thoughts and insights into painting the pole.

The main thing I see go wrong when people are trying to paint the pole and trying to putt this way is not with the forward stroke, not with the upstroke, it's actually the backstroke. Just like in Ball Golf, if you're bringing your your back swing back improperly, it is damn near impossible to get back online after that. I see a lot of people in my group when I'm playing kind of coming in from all different angles on their downstroke, on their backstroke, and that is throwing them off. Even if you have the intention of painting the pole on the forward stroke you're in big trouble if you're coming in from the side, you're in big trouble if you're not starting coming down the pole, and then working back up the pole. That's how we want to do this.

We're going to go bang a few putts here. It might be a little tough to see through the chains, but you shouldn't see the disc at all. It's going to be on this pole the entire time. Now you don't need a ChampCap Solo to improve your three-dimensional putting, to start getting some arc on your putt, but it really does help. Especially the lower aspect of the target limiting area forces you to get them up, get a little height on the putt.

You may have seen recently we announced we have a two-stroke promise now. We have surveyed hundreds of past customers and asked them how they're doing, and asked them how many strokes they're saving on course. It's more than two, but we're going just trying not to be not too egregious. We're going with a two-stroke promise. You pick up a ChampCap Solo or a ChampCap Pro, you use it for 60 days, and if you're not saving two strokes, we promise you will, but if somehow you don't save two strokes after practicing for 60 days with a ChampCap product we will refund you. We will figure out the return shipping, I don't think it's going to be necessary, it is guaranteed two strokes and that is a new thing we are doing at Come check us out while you're there you can hit us up, hit the get in touch tab, ask us any questions you have or things that you have questions about with putting things you might like to hear our thoughts on, or maybe have us make a video about. So that's all we got. I think we've got our first principle wrapped up. Again I'm kind of dumb and I forgot to explain what I meant by painting the pole, what I meant by a little bit more in depth three-dimensional putting explanation. So until then you've got this information to work with the three-dimensional putting, the first step in the PuttConfidently Approach. Keep up your practice putting, get those reps in, it's 2024 and you're not three putting this year. We are hitting more birdie putts this year, and we're hitting a lot more 20 footers this year, so keep up the reps and until then we'll check you later!

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