One of the Best Putting Tips of All-Time - Leading With the Elbow #discgolf #puttingtips

Today we've got one of the best putting tips that I've ever heard, coming from Mr Big smooth himself, Mr. Tyee Rilatos. So let's get into it!
This putting tip is going to help you get a lot more speed and a lot more spin on your putts to help you start being a lot more comfortable at Circles Edge and even a little bit into Circle two.
This is how this putting tip has helped me and let's start with where I started. I've always been a pretty good Circle one putter because of the ChampCap Solo and because you know I practice a fair amount. However, when it came to Circle 2 I didn't have a lot of power or a lot of spin, and I sort of had to jump putt. I don't really step putt that much I'm more of a jump Putter and that's what I would do when I was in circle two. When I was at the edge of circle one if I missed usually it was on line but it would be short. It would be cage or worse.
So let's talk about how this tip has helped me and how I believe this tip is going to help you. So I would line up you know this is my original putt line up nice and everything now I'm more of a spush putter and I would sort of spush it. I would keep everything on line and get a little wrist pop at the end to get any amount of spin and speed on my putt to get it to the basket. Here is the tip that's going to help you start hitting those putts on the edge of circle and into circle 2. Instead of just bringing the disc back and giving a little wrist pop to get there, this is the tip from the big man Mr. Big smooth, we're getting the elbow out in ahead of the disc and we are whipping that thing at the basket. That's where that speed and spin's coming from if you watch the guys that are hitting those long putts. Simon, Eagle, Gannon, they are getting this. It happens really fast, but they are getting that elbow started and then whipping the wrist up to catch up with the elbow. this is a fundamental that they have implemented, they have wrapped their myelin sheath and this is essentially automatic.
So let's go give some examples and we can watch this tip in action. So here we are at the edge of circle one and let's first give an example of how I used to putt, which is the way I see a lot of people putt. Where you know you're lined up nice you got a good look at the basket, you're focused on accuracy and touch and it works pretty well like I said from 15ft and in. This is really good this is what I'm probably still going to be doing most of the time. Let's give a look at my original putt from the edge of circle one and notice that my elbow is going to be well behind my disc the entire time.
So let's check out the big man Tyee Rilatos tip where you're going to notice, I'm going to use much less leg effort. We get the elbow ahead of the disc, the wrist is going to catch up and create a bit of a whip and it takes very little effort. If you want to practice this in the most efficient way to speed up that process of wrapping the mile and sheath properly while implementing this new tip I would highly recommend getting a ChampCap solo from it's just going to save you a lot of trouble. Even if they don't all go in even if some of them hit the fabric and don't make it all the way through the circle, you're not just winging putts catching right side chains or having them hit low and think it's okay. You want to wrap the myelin sheath properly from the start, especially when you're starting to implement a new tip and a new fundamental such as this.
So I'm going to give this a shot putting in this new style. I'm still working on it, I'm going to screw it up, but we're going to put in a couple clips of Tyee putting to show how it's really done. Literally probably my second day trying this, I'll take that from circle's edge, it was lower effort and I think that can work really well for if I have an obstruction in front of me even where I'm at right now just having this little tip this little mental visualization to think about. So get out there and give it a shot! Hit up Tyee @optimaldiscgolf on Instagram. He can explain this way better than I can, he's doing lessons on backhand, he's doing lessons on putting, and he's working on forehand tips so maybe he'll trade you tips for tips. I don't know Big Smooth does some wild stuff. We're going to keep talking about this tip, I'm going to keep you up to date with it as I go through with it and learn more about it. Check us out um and hit the menu button to get in touch if you have a question, or maybe a suggestion. Hit us up on Instagram @puttconfidenlty and again hit up Tyee @optimaldiscgolf. I think he's only on Instagram right now. Thank you Tyee it was great seeing you, great having you up here in Massachusetts, and it was great getting this tip from you and we're working on it. We'll catch you Later!
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