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What is up Champs and Champettes! We are back and we are working on principle number three, which is going to be our weight shift, let's get into it.

So I don't watch every single putting tip video that comes out, actually I don't watch that many because I don't want to bias myself too much, but in the videos I do watch the there isn't that much talked about with the weight shift. It doesn't seem that complicated but I do have a couple thoughts on it and things that I think can really help you.

The main thing is to find your brace. This is going to be our big takeaway is to find your brace in your weight shift, and I haven't heard this talked about in other putting tips. So what we're going to do we got our foot lined up straight just like in principle two, if you haven't seen that go back and watch that, but what we are going to be working on is finding our brace in our in our weight shift. It's going to be that perfect moment where we can hit our spot, and release the disc at the exact same time we find the brace. As far as feeling your brace in your putt it honestly is kind of a lot like walking. We walk, we find our brace, we take another step, you know forward or backward. Our brace is essentially on the ball of our foot. We are finding it, we are pushing off, we are moving forward, and doing it all over again. Hitting a 20-footer in disc golf doesn't really take a lot more force than just essentially taking a step forward. That's about the amount of effort on flat ground that you're going to need.

When you're walking around tomorrow, when you're walking around tonight after watching this video in your kitchen, you know feel the brace when you're walking. Just feel it a little bit. Stop in the middle of the kitchen and set yourself up and push forward and feel the brace. Just like when basketball players are taking free throws, they are finding that same brace on the balls of their feet, they are popping at the exact same time they hit that brace, and that is how they are timing up their shot and that is exactly what we are trying to do here.

It's really important and I think it has a lot to do with if you're missing high or if you're missing low. From what I see on course a lot of those people are missing their brace. Either they're hitting it too early and they're releasing the disc before they get to their brace and it's launching high, or they're hitting it too late they are getting too far ahead of it missing their brace. I think that has a lot to do with missing low. So hitting the brace at the perfect time, to get the perfect arc, the perfect height, it has a lot to do with hitting your brace on that front foot, on the ball of that foot, on the strongest part of that foot.

There's actually probably going to be a part two of this video because I'm getting started here, and I realize I've got more to talk about with putting uphill and with putting downhill. So we're going to get to that so I think I'm going to end it here with part one of principal number three in the PuttConfidently Approach. There's going to be a part two coming out real quick. Until then thank you for watching. Thank you for the support, we're getting all kinds of great messages from you guys. I know we're taking this slow, we're taking it step by step. Thank you for watching, we'll see you in part two of principal number three, and we'll check you later!

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